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We're excited to celebrate with you!




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We met at Deloitte

We both crashed a Deloitte LA ski trip weekend! Unfortunately, Luia had to spend the whole weekend working instead of skiing. She was disappointed until David sat down next to her and kept her company the whole time. That was her first clue that he was a very different kind of guy!

Our first date was at Disneyland

The day before our first official date, we happened to both be at Disneyland for a work event. We spent the day together at the park, and it was magical of course! Now we use it as an excuse to go to Disneyland once a year to celebrate our "accidental first date" anniversary.

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A few of our favorite things are...

  • Traveling - for work and fun! Check out our travel map.
  • Eating things that are bad for you - pastrami, soup noodles, fried chicken, spicy food, Taco Bell, and David's all-time favorite: PIZZA! Also we love beer tasting.
  • Swimming, biking, and running (okay, this is just David, but Luia has learned to occasionally go to the gym with him)
  • Virtual scrapbooking - we have a secret Pinterest board of silly things we enjoy as a couple and another one for our travels.  When we visit a place together for the first time, we try to find a sign that bears the city's name or an iconic landmark to take a photo in front of and then we watch a movie filmed in that location.
  • Nerding out! - David taught Luia to program and now we like to build apps together.


David popped the question in Iceland

David loves to plan romantic surprises for Luia! To keep her in the dark on the proposal, he told a few white lies leading up to the trip. She was completely thrown off the trail, and David delivered the surprise of a lifetime, complete with a romantic proposal at sunset followed by a celebratory dinner, slow dancing, and a private view of the Northern Lights.

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We're excited to start our lives together back in LA!

Luia finished her MBA at Wharton in Philadelphia and is back working at Deloitte full-time. David will finish his studies at Northwestern in Chicago a few weeks ahead of the wedding, and the two of us will be back together in LA at last. For the first 3 years of our relationship, we were never in the same location for longer than 3 weeks at a time, so we are ecstatic to finally be moving to the same city and calling it home!